Lornal Training

Lornal Training

Lornal Training delivers workshops and specialist advice mainly as a contractor to Business Gateway.

For seven years Lornal has been a contractor to Business Development Advisers who held the contract to deliver Business Gateway services in Renfrewshire, Dunbartonshire and Helensburgh & Lomond within Argyll & Bute. For the last three years Business Development Advisers have held the contract for West Dunbartonshire and Lornal has been a contractor to delivering the Growth Advisory contract working as an advisor to existing businesses

For the last three years and recently appointed for another three years Lornal has been contracted by Argyll & Bute Business Gateway service to deliver workshops on Marketing, Pricing for Profit & also as the preferred  contractor for expert Marketing help working with existing businesses.

Lornal has a wealth of experience working across many sectors with a wide range of businesses from start-up to medium-sized existing businesses. It is estimated that Lornal has delivered more than 400 training courses and advised more than 600 businesses. This experience and style of delivery has resulted in consistent high quality feedback.



What Do We Do

For Business Development Advisors the following was carried out by Lornal working as a contractor

West Dunbartonshire /Lomond & Helensburgh/Renfrewshire

  1. Growth Advisor (Existing Businesses)
  2. Expert Marketing Help (Existing Businesses)
  3. Growth Pipeline Adviser (Existing Businesses)
  4. Start up Advisor (New Businesses)
  5. Growth Advisory Service (Existing Services)

Trainer delivering workshops on

  1. Business Planning and production of Business plans (1 day)
  2. Marketing Your Business (3 Hour)

As a Direct Training Contractor to Argyll & Bute Business Gateway

  1. Marketing Workshop (6 hours)
  2. Specialist Marketing Advice (1 Day Sessions)
  3. Pricing for Profit Workshops (New 3 Hours)




Key Services we can Help with

1. Delivery of workshops of varied      content

2. Development of workshop content

3. Business Planning Workshops

4. Marketing workshops

5. General Strategy

6. Marketing Strategy

7. Export strategy

8. Pricing & Margin Matrixes

9. Break Even Analysis

10. Customer Presentations

11. Sales Forecasting