Lornal Consulting


Lornal Consulting

Lornal Consulting works with businesses and organisations to develop their strategic planning, marketing positioning, supply chain and sales activity in new and existing markets. Lornal are able to support businesses that are new and also existing businesses

Our customers are small to medium size enterprises often where the founder and or family are involved in the running of the business. The businesses are dynamic & entrepreneurial  and looking for growth but often require information to make key decisions to increase sales. Lornal are however equally comfortable and have good experience of working with individual departments within large Corporations.





Where and Who

Lornal works across all continents and has experience of dealing with many different cultures both in terms of sales and  regulatory requirements for market entry. Lornal has experience of exporting and also importing products with a regular output of increased sales.

The principal consultant at Lornal is Alastair Kennedy. He will be the initial contact with customers and will work with them to develop a list of key activities with timescales and milestones. The project will then be delivered by Alastair or one of the associate businesses that collaborate with Lornal to provide a range of expertise and experience bringing  real measurable and tangible benefits to their customers.







The philosophy at Lornal is to analyse, define, measure, improve and most importantly implement with measurement of results. Success has been achieved by focussing on what in the end is needed to ensure success and being able to clearly define the end point.                                

 Our approach is to understand the whole process involved within any project and the impact of change within the organisation and also their customers. A particular expertise is developing maps of the whole process and what the impacts will be at each stage. By following this specific process and using it as a means of explanation to all concerned, results in more effective and timely implementation.